When two people choose to divorce, the most difficult questions that arise usually concern what happens to the children.

If you or your spouse have filed for divorce and you have children who live at home, you will want an attorney who can secure a viable and agreeable custody arrangement that’s in the best interest of your child. While the relationship between you and your spouse didn’t work out, there are ways to actively maintain a healthy relationship with your children.

By selecting an attorney who understands the laws that govern custody and visitation in the State of Idaho, you can fully utilize your rights. At the law office of Derek Pica, we will listen to your side of the story and offer a straightforward assessment of the prospective outcome.

Attorney Derek A. Pica, PLLC, has more than two decades of experience representing Idaho’s women and men in the various legalities of divorce, including child support, child custody, and visitation arrangements. We understand that you don’t want an expensive and drawn-out proceeding, but at the same time, you want to protect your right to spend time with your children. We will give you a honest evaluation, ensuring that you make informed decisions each step of the way.

Custody Mediation

When it comes to disputes over child custody and visitation, Idaho courts often require both parties to undergo mediation. Mediation is when a neutral third party works with both of you to identify mutual wishes and your child’s wishes, takes into account parental stability and home environments, and helps you forge an agreement that benefits the child and both parents. Mediators don’t render opinions, but they help you find a way to amicably work through previous conflicts toward a resolution.

If the court orders you to mediation over child custody and visitation, we will fully brief you on what to expect during the proceeding. We will help you identify your goals, coaching you on how to reach them via proper legal channels. We also draw from more than two decades of experience in family law to discern if a proposed agreement is truly a beneficial option.

Visitation Plans

When we evaluate visitation plans proposed during mediation, we consider all factors, including location, holidays, vacations, and the way various scenarios may impact the children's lives. We’ve worked with clients who wish to maintain relationships with children who live in other states, using our experience to develop innovative solutions to life’s demands, including an evaluation of whether joint custody is a viable option.

Ultimately, the court will make its decision based on the best interests of the child. For an attorney who can deliver superior legal counsel concerning child custody and visitation, please contact the law office of Derek A. Pica, PLLC, for a no-cost phone consultation.