Helping Through Divorce

There exists a heavy emotional toll in filing or being served divorce papers. It could leave you blind to your legal rights. Do not put yourself at a disadvantage; contact our office for the legal protection you need. Read More

Prenuptial Agreements

A good marriage depends on trust. A prenuptial agreement does not cast doubt on a marriage or suggest an imminent divorce. It reinforces a life-long contract by outlining the agreed upon expectations and terms for spouses. Read More

Child Custody & Visitation

Child custody and visitation rights determine how much you are a part of your child’s life. Knowing your legal rights means knowing your child. Our office will protect your relationship. Read More

Walking Through Child Support

Your income is not the only consideration courts use to determine the appropriate amount you will receive or pay for a child. Your legal representation will assess all important aspects of your life to ensure your child will receive appropriate care. Read More

Child Support Modifications

Whether you cannot afford to pay your child support or are not receiving enough for your child, you may need a child support modification. Read More

Guardianships & Conservators

Asking who will take care of you when you cannot is a question best answered sooner than later. Legally designating guardianship or a conservator will ensure your interests are seen to before it is too late. Read More

Wills & Trusts

Estate planning extends beyond transferring your home and assets to a beneficiary. Forgoing it could affect vital decisions such as who raises your child. Wills and trusts see your wishes through before and after your death, protecting your property and family. Read More


Death may be your end, but your will lives on. Your last wishes must be confirmed and executed in probate court, leaving no doubt as to how your estate should live on. We will not leave your family at the mercy of the state. Read More