It’s true that the only constant is change. Your financial situation can change. Your employer may ask you to relocate. Your child’s needs may change, requiring modifications to your current child support, custody, and visitation agreements. When this happens, what are your options?

If your current post-divorce setup is no longer viable, an experienced Idaho family law attorney can help you weigh various ramifications, determine the best course of action, and ultimately, modify your existing agreements.

Derek A Pica has more than two decades of experience representing mothers and fathers in matters of family law in the State of Idaho. We can give you a clear picture of your chances of successfully modifying the terms of your existing agreements. We understand that one client represents many family connections. You’re always more than a transaction to us because we know these decisions will impact your everyday life. When you work toward a new plan, we’ll prepare you first, make sure you’re fully informed, utilize all proper legal channels, and work in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner to get you the arrangement you need.

Reasons for Child Custody Modification

We’ve worked with many individuals who desire to alter various divorce judgments, such as child custody and visitation arrangements, or a child support agreement. Most of these requests are due to a parent’s desire to relocate. If a parent wishes to move to another state, relocate for a job, solidify a new relationship, or simply change locations to improve his or her situation, we can handle the court petition and the changes to legal paperwork. Modification requests come from disputes that arise between the parent with custody and the one without, or from variations in the custodial parent’s work schedule, or possibly from the child’s wishes.

As always, the courts will rule in the best interests the child. As an Idaho law firm, we vehemently represent your interests in every proceeding, always taking your child’s well being into consideration.

Child Support Increases or Reductions

If you experience a significant change in your finances (for example, your employment was terminated or you were forced to accept a job with meager pay), under Idaho law you may request a revision to the terms of your child support agreement.

If you are receiving child support and your ex-spouse's financial situation has dramatically improved, you may be eligible for an increase in support.

To learn more about amending existing child support, child custody arrangements, or child visitation agreements in Boise and the surrounding areas, please consult the family law office of Derek A. Pica, PLLC. You may expect a prompt response by contact us through the form on this page or by calling our firm.